Your storytelling is more important than ever. I want to help you strengthen your distinctive voice, so that the stories you tell through your images are rich with meaning and authenticity.
I will embolden you to find presence when shooting. To be intentional and prepared, so that you are ready to capture whatever unravels before your eyes and lens, in a split second. And so that more often than not, you feel like you are “dancing” with your camera. Shooting with feeling.

About My Experience
I have been a photographer for over twenty years. I hold a Bachelor of Photography (Major in Photojournalism) with First Class Honors. After my studies I worked as a press photographer where I learned to think quickly on my feet. I shot covers of newspapers and magazines. 

I have shot photo essays with the Hell’s Angels, Kurdish refugees, smugglers in the Sahara, the Raelian Movement and healers and mystics in New Mexico. My mentor was the late-great UK war photographer Tim Page (Dennis Hopper’s character in Apocalypse Now is based on Tim!). Having a mentor like Tim gave me laser-sharp focus and direction as a new photographer and kick-started my career. The work we created together in Cambodia culminated in me speaking at the United Nations.

I have toured with bands, shot album covers and countless live shows. I have shot fashion editorials around the world and worked with celebrities. I have won awards, given talks and lectured at university. I have striked upon great luck and opportunity, and also learned the very hard way. I have a rich and varied set of knowledge and expertise that I know can support your journey.

Who Mentoring is For
Anyone with an interest in storytelling through images. You could be just starting out or more established looking to refine your approach to your practice. All are welcome.

What I Will Help With
Portfolio Review
Where to Start
How to improve your storytelling
Confidence when directing subjects
Refining your style
Immediacy and connection
Shooting video
Shooting 35mm film
Exhibiting your work
How to build your network
Gaining access and building trust
Life, art, creativity!
The Details
One hour sessions are available individually or in a block of three. They will take place on video conferencing. Spaces are limited. Payments also accepted with Zelle and Venmo.

Individual Session
In one session I will get to know you, your work and where you are headed. Perhaps you need a fresh set of eyes over a particular series, some feedback or a portfolio review. I’m here for you to soundboard any and all ideas. This session will help you find direction, get clear on your goals, and leave you feeling confident to take the next steps towards them.

Three Sessions
Just like any good story has a beginning, middle and end, so too will our sessions. We will dive in deep together, navigating our way through your work - finding thematic threads, direction and what inspires you to keep shooting consistently. We will focus on your goals and anything you wish to bring to the table. You will leave ready to bring a photo series into fruition, or perhaps even completion.

Once sessions are purchased I will contact you to organize a date and time. Additionally, I will send you a few questions to answer before we meet so I can learn more about you and how to best serve your needs. I am so honored to guide you on your journey. 

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